About US

Holistic Healing in Ligonier, PA

Provides instant relief from pain in just a few minutes.

How it works:

I do not know how it works, it just works!

Typical Process:

The entire process is commonly a few minutes or so, after pleasantries. ( Read "Your Role") then I put my hands on you and send you energy.

Your Role:

Ultimately, it is of your intention. Your body heals, balances itself. It's your body. I have discovered that the more open ones heart is, the more trust one holds, the better the effect. Breathe deeply, get still, quiet mind for a few moments. Access the divinity within the self. Tell the universe, tell God that you are tired of (_____) that it no longer serves you, that you wish to be free from it, with total surrender.

Common Responses:

Most people experience a complete removal of pain, ect. It is also reported that they sense tingling, warm, hot, electricity, chills.


  • Children always free
  • Cash or paypal
  • Case by case basis for now, while I figure it out

Who Am I:

I first noticed the particular sensation during the winter of 1986/'87, after meditating for four years, and, doing tai chi for six months. Since then, it has continued to develop. The best way I know how to describe it for the past 20 years is:

  • Bliss
  • An intense electrical input
  • Champagne electricity
  • Ecstatic
  • The most wonderful experience ever
  • In its strongest form, it arrests the breath, and is kinda like suspended animation
  • Animals are very receptive for they have no filters

It Is Not Me. It Just Moves Through Me As A Conduit

You have more to do with your balancing / healing than I do. I create a force within you for release. I have found no limits to what it can help except the limits of each individual's lack of belief, trust, or openness of heart. It will NOT supercede one's individual allowance, or openness (if you're not open, it won't work and nothing will flow). The times I have given, transferred this energy, it typically takes a minute or so, and I try to give more, but the flow ceases. I have also noticed that there is certainly an intelligence behind it. I discovered one day with a fella with tennis elbow of both arms. More energy flowed to his right arm, than the left. A few minutes later he said his right hurt more than the left. So, I am left to maintain that it knows when to stop flowing. When you have no place to turn, turn to turning point energy, and take a turn for the better.