Animal Intervention $20

Animals are very receptive for they have no filters. So if you have pets, it has been utilized for calming, skin conditions, limping, and a tumor on Our St Bernard.

~ The 2nd time I transferred this, was to one of our dogs, who limped for a few months. Vets said it was due to the tendons and ligaments being compromised genetically. Before meditation, I had the dog sit in front of me, told her to stay, and went into meditation. As I felt the energy move in me, I put my hands on the dog’s hind quarters, she moved. I peeked. She was looking at me curiously, and let out a lonnnnggggggg howl. (Never before, or after). She did not limp for 4 days, and ran like a pup again. Her condition kept progressing, and I offered what I could for her release of pain. She went another 10 years.

~ Hemangiosarcoma or Dermal Mass, the skin is a malignant tumor which arises from the endothelial cells. These cells line the entire circulatory system, and are responsible for the smooth flow of blood within the lumen (interior space) of all of the body's inner structures and tubular spaces. Because this type of sarcoma grows from the blood cells, the growths themselves are filled with blood. This accounts for the dark blue or red coloring of the mass. If the growth is limited to the outer layer of skin, where it can be removed entirely, the prognosis may be guardedly optimistic, but because of the highly metastatic nature of this cancer, it is sometimes found to reach deep into the tissue, or to have arisen from a deeper, visceral location. In the latter case, the outcome is often fatal.

Mongo’s (St Bernard) was bright red 2015.. The Vet said “Oh that’s bad” and to “put a steroid cream on the area, twice daily for a month.” “If that didn’t work, he would have to cut it off with a laser, or it would grow into his bone and they would have to amputate!” That process lasted one full day, and two applications. Instead, I chose to see what the energy could do. Mongo got 3 interventions, and the mass went completely away within 10 days and the hair grew back.

~ An acquaintance had a little dog who clearly had some type of itchy condition, and losing hair. He happened to see me along the road one day while cutting wood, and drinking beer. The dog was not interested in me, but he restrained it, and the dog got a flow. The dog cleared over the next few days.

~ Hyper dogs have benefitted, and become calmer.

~ Of worthy mention, our 3rd of 4 St Bernard’s’ just happened to jump up on our bed about 7 am, and lay across the small of my back just as the energy was erupting. Sincerely, childlike, and immediately, I said inwardly to the Universe, “For the dog!” “FOR THE DOG” Immediately, I felt it completely leave me. And in that instant, that 150lb beautiful hairy creature howled for a good 4-5 seconds. Never before, or since. That dog was forever changed. Pure Love? After this event, splitting firewood, I hadn’t seen the dog for hours, and thought to call the dog silently, in my mind, with feeling. In a minute or two, I could hear him running from around the house. Tail in the air, ears cocked, and I braced myself for his leaping embrace. Did it again later, just to make sure. Nice confirmation. Try it.

Animals have no filters.