$40 unless otherwise noted, or pay what you are able.
Remember, no charge if no success and always be honest. (You don’t want your karma to run over your dogma)

Often, one intervention will clear the condition with an open heart and fixed intention. There are times where subsequent interventions could be required. It’s not up to me, and I am most happy to help.

For what is it that you intend? Of this be sincere. For surely it will manifest, when held in the heart so dear.

Ya gotta want it. If you want to be free, you can be free. It can be done.

The first time………………………………..

I transferred this energy to another was our daughter (5 at the time) and sleeping. This was after at least 10 years of attempting, with no confirmed success.

Woke up in the morning with our daughter’s tiny right hand on my shoulder. (Puddle) We were both facing the same way. Her knees in my back. That’s what woke me up. I gently moved away while her hand stayed on my shoulder, keeping that nice connection, and went into meditation, laying on my side. Listening to her breathing deeply. As a child in a deep sleep. Long slow breath in, and a rush of air out. Connecting, giving thanks, asking for more. A blast erupted from the abdominal area, and up the spine, filling the limbs and out the head, as if a fountain. (See, most common) (See also, It’s so wonderful.) I had the initial childlike innocent thought, “hmmm, I wonder if I can transfer this to her?”

This was after appx 5 minutes. Her little hand still holding my shoulder. Her breathing exactly the same as it has been the entire time. (Deep sleep child breath) Brought the energy up again, this time a bit stronger. And for the first time ever, I felt her receiving it, as it left me. It never made it to my head. Never felt anyone receiving it before. I gave thanks for the confirmation.

She quit breathing………………………….. I gave it some space and waited. Wondering when she was gonna start breathing again? This lasted about 10 – 12 seconds until she sucked all the air out of the room in one breath. Oh GOOD! (Gauged at 15% of the strongest) First Confirmation In Ten Years. (Kind of shrugging shoulders, hmm that’s interesting) Continued meditation for appx 10 – 15 more minutes, and thought “I Gotta Try This Again!” Her hand was still on my shoulder. (Puddle)

Fixed intent, brought energy up. It traveled faster, and stronger than the first time (About 18-20%) and into her little hand, and I thought” Wow, she’s taking it again” and before half of it was received, she jerked her hand off of me like she was touching the sun. From a deep sleep to instantaneous action as fast as now. She thrashed about the bed 3 times, right to left, to right. Arms slap slapping, 3 times while her legs kicked 3 times. Effectively kicking off all the blankets off the bed.

This brought me out of the revere, as I turned immediately to watch after her first twist to the right. Propped on my right elbow, she stopped. Laying on her back. I gazed at her face. Her eyebrows were touching. Then, in a couple of moments, I watched her face soften and she laid there, still sleeping. When I gave her breakfast a little while later, I asked “If she had any dreams?” She’s said “No Dad”

~Tennis Elbow $25

K was working at a hardware store and for months I saw her wearing a brace on her elbow. I finally asked if she would be interested in trying the energy. (You can easily imagine the looks I get) She said sure. Space for intention. Gone in one minute. She had it for 6 months. That was a year ago. This has occurred many times with others. The first time, there was a flow of one minute to a fella’s right arm, and a 30 second flow to the left. This fella is a man’s man. He was all smiles. Said his arms haven’t felt that good for 12 years, and his right hurt more than the left. For him, it lasted 3 days.

Anyone who has tennis elbow can take it away themselves. I discovered this on myself one day and proved it again another day. It works and only takes about three minutes. Slap the elbow area with your other hand to get the afflicted elbows attention.

For one minute, rub the elbow firm and quite vigorous focusing on the elbow area, and feathering up and down. (Insert mind application of choice)

For one minute, get fingers in and all around the elbow, like self shiatzu. Get into the nooks and cranny pressure points all around the elbow.

For one minute, rub firm and vigorous as before. If required, do this morning noon and night.

It will go away. Ha, guess I won’t be seeing you for tennis elbow. This is good. Try it. You’ll like it.

~Psoriasis $50 per intervention. Possibly three –five total. Maybe just one.

A fella had psoriasis for 10 years, all the pills, shots, creams, Dr’s, and nothing worked. I asked if he liked that experience. He said no. I say why don’t you get rid of it? He said I can’t. I say yes you can. He said how? Would consider seeing what the energy could do for the condition. He said yes. Space for intention. He got a flow for a minute on his wrist. Then he asked if I could help his ankles? I said let’s see, and through his pants, and boots the energy flowed another minute. Within 2 days it was reported that the red band around his wrist was only one little red spot. He got 2 more interventions on his ankles over the course of 2 months. Each lasting about a minute each time, maybe 4 minutes total. Last I heard…….. 98% clear.

~PTSD $50 – with one time consultation, then $30 subsequent.

Coming out of a bar after a drive by drink, and I overheard a fella talking with my friend out in the gravel parking lot about PTSD. I’d been wanting to try it for this, so I interrupt them and say you want to try the energy? He said yes. He set intention for a minute, and I put my hands on his head, and he got a strong flow. Squinting, I peeked and saw that he had goosebumps all over his neck. It was weird for me. I never felt energy like this before. Chaotic. Couldn’t wait to take my hands away, but held it for 15 seconds, then walked away slowly over the gravel, giving space to the fella. He stood there with his eyes closed for a full minute, unmoving. I asked “Did you feel anything?” No response. Waited a few moments, and asked again. He waited another few moments, then opened his eyes slowly and said “Yeah. Chills through my whole body”

Approaching him, I say “ok, again, set intention.” Like a good soldier he immediately snapped into attention/intention, and I put my hands on his chest and back. The flow was strong again, and same chaotic energy, I couldn’t wait to release my hands, but held it for another 20 seconds. Stepping away, I asked again “Did you feel anything?” a few moments and he opened his eyes and smiled broadly. His face physically changed. He said “I haven’t felt this good for 15 years” and happy as all get out. (Took stress out of his body and mind) He reported that he was taking 3 Xanax’s a day. Gave him my number to call and I would give him a mental map to his own wellbeing. Never saw him again.

Please call immediately if you have PTSD, and we’ll go from there. It is of the mind. It is time to be free.

~Gout $25

Ran into Irvine on his porch, and when I asked how he was doing he said “not good” Why? His knee hurts. Why? Gout. I asked if he liked Gout? He said no. I say, you want to try the energy, he said yeah. Space for intention. He got a flow. I asked did he feel anything, he said no. I said does knee still hurt? He said yeah. I was a bit embarrassed at this for there was a small crowd. Hmm. 2 weeks later I run into his brother, who reported, that the next day when Irvine awoke, the gout was gone and days ahead of schedule. Also discovered that when Irvine ingests bacon sausage, or beer, he gets gout. Last I heard, he’s enjoying all three with no Gout.

~Allergies $50

I got to talking to a fella who was giving us an estimate on our flat roof. Standing in our driveway, sharing bear stories, I couldn’t help but to notice he kept snorting back a head full of snot. About one a minute for 30 minutes. I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally asked him if he had allergies. Yeahp, gets it bad every spring and fall. I say want to try the energy? Do you want to be free from this allergy experience? He says yeah. Space for intention. I put my hands on his head. There was a flow for a minute. Spoke to him 6 weeks later when he called to see what we thought about the bid. Had to tell’m the truth by saying I am going to do it myself. He was disappointed, but I asked, how were his allergies? He said they were gone the next day.

~Thyroid $100 first time. $50 second. $25 third, $20 therafter.

One day a friend said she wanted to try the energy. I said for what? She said Thyroid. Ok, lets see what the energy can do. Space for intention. There was a strong flow, and the longest duration of intervention to date. 2 full minutes. I asked if she felt anything, and she did not know how to describe it. After a good minute or two, she blurts out “HOT”. “Whew, it’s HOT” as she was fanning her face. She sked if her face was red. It was. This was 3 weeks before Christmas 2016. In early January she had her Dr’s apt. It took me till February 2017 to catch up with her. She reported, that the Dr lowered her medication. She did not get cold all winter, as her temperature stayed steady. She did not get sick once this winter. All 3 things first time in 30 years.

~Migraines $20

All interventions for migraines occurring within one minute, or less. On all occasions, those helped were able to turn their head again, and all smiled in wonder and disbelief. One fella had it for 10 days, and gone in under a minute. If you are beset with frequent migraines, come see me, and be free. Instantly. When they come back, see me again, until completely free. This intervention, like some others, are accumulative. You can, and will be free.