Consultation $50

~Meditation $10

The only meditation technique one may desire. However you have your pick from hundreds. Your heart knows what you need. An excellent meditation I developed. Sent in writing for your application of ceaseless, endless practice. 5 steps, with mediation hack that will make ANY meditation practice flow better.

If you are inclined for a consultation, please don’t ask me questions like: Will I succeed? And things of a similar nature. The consultation offered is of spiritual inclination, heavily dosed with the realities of the human earth life experience, humorous and enlightening. I’m intuitive, not psychic.

I quit asking everyone my questions when I was 23 years old because no one could answer them. Then, I spent the next two years only asking a few questions here and there to others that I thought might have an answer. Then I really quit. (Sniff) (Eye rub) (Sleeve wipe) That was over 30 years ago.

It’s all of the mind. The mind. The Soul. One’s Essence. The seat of Intention.

It all begins there. Each of us, is the common denominator, for every thought, action, word, belief, expression, and feeling, of all of our experiences. It begins and ends with you. With the mind. Everyone’s mind works the same. It is only ones beliefs that primarily guides and influences its direction. To quote many others saying the same thing. “All that we really are, is the results of our thoughts. What we think, we become.” “As within, so without.” “As a man thinketh, so is he.” “As above, so below” “The mind is the builder”

“The mind is the rudder of the good ship YOU” (Voyage at will with billowed sail)

I speak from experience. Experience is the truest teacher. I’ve had lots of experiences, and from experience, I can tell you there is nothing like experience.

What is the difference between beliefs and experiences? I know, it’s a stumper. That was a hard question for me until I had an experience. (Oh, the irony) This particular experience clearly showed me the difference between believing and knowing. So here ya go.

Each of us has countless beliefs. Conscious and unconscious. (Yeah, good luck with that)

You can believe anything you want. Have at it. They’re all on the menu for free, at the free will diner. Open 24 /7 on highway 365. (Some Tolls)

So, hold up and support the pillars of your beliefs with all your strength. All your grace. All your power. All your might. All your Will. Until the day comes, and it will, where you find the pillars of your beliefs to crumble down around you. When this happens, simply release them. Walk away, and find other pillars of beliefs that you can hold up and support with all your grace, your strength, your power. Until again the day comes they fall around you.

The only way to know………… the only way……… to truly know anything……….. is to experience it. That’s the only way to know in the human earth life expression. And, everything else, is just a belief.

Who sold you your beliefs? Why did you buy them? Inner reflection, brings inner growth.

I don’t pretend to know everything. Far from it, but i know the mind. Consider thoughts/emotions as the wild horses that pull the carriage of the body. You are in the driver’s seat with your intention. Reign and steer at will. The mind can only hold one dominant thought at a time. To be aware of one’s own thoughts, is the place where masters move from, and to. Study deeply. Will the Will with Love.