A Historical Accounting

I first noticed the particular sensation during the winter of 1986/'87, after meditating for four years, and, doing tai chi for six months. Since then, it has continued to develop. The best way I know how to describe it for the past 20 years is:

  • Bliss
  • An intense electrical input
  • Champagne electricity
  • The most wonderful experience ever.
  • In its strongest form, it arrests the breath, and is kinda like suspended animation. Ecstatic.

The Strongest

Understandably, what you are about to read will appear unbelievable….. Yet, it is completely accurate and 100% absolutely true. And all occurring in about 20 minutes.

The strongest I ever felt this ecstatic, intense, electrical, Bliss was approximately 15 years ago, while meditating in the back bathroom. It was the quietest place in the house, with the children, two large hairy dogs, a vacuum that never got any rest, and just enough room to lay on the carpeted floor.

So, in meditation, after prep, I was giving thanks. The sincere intention of appreciation seems to have some type of connection with the eruption of this Divine energy. It is a very wonderful feeling. By far, hands down, the best experience ever, for me. As I was giving thanks the energy kept increasing intensity. So, inwardly, I asked for more, More, MORE, and each time, the Flow increased, which made me keep asking for more.

Now folks, I am laying on my back. My mind fully awake and alert. The body completely relaxed / asleep.

The energy became so strong it bent me into a V. The only thing touching the floor was my tailbone. As my torso contracted, all the other joints bent inwardly. The little toes, and all others, bending, as with the ankles. (Like walking on one’s outer ankle bones) Legs bent. Arms bent. Hands and wrists twisted in. Fingers curling. My head bent sideways, and my lips curled, like I had SEVERE spastic palsy. And with no effort on my part. None whatsoever at all. I wasn’t breathing. i noticed that. Maybe a full minute. It was like breathing meant nothing compared to the infusion of energy. It was so exquisite. So Beautiful, that my entire body was in pain. It was like I was going to explode. Just before I was almost able to kiss a knee, I had the thought that ‘the energy was too strong.’ ‘IT’S TOO MUCH’ and at that moment, it softly subsided, and as my body DE- contracted, I was laid back to the floor, with not one tense muscle in the body. I noticed this. Especially the abdominal muscles. Finished the meditation, and went about the day. It is from this experience that I gauge all other flows of intervention.

I have had this swell many times but always of much lesser intensity. It is ecstatic. Bliss. Like suspended animation. I have an understanding of the experience of the girls of Fatima. If only for the fact that the priests of the time, in an experiment to test their ecstatic trance, held candles under the arms of the children, who showed no response. That’s the word. (Sadly, the priests burnt the young ones arms for their own little study.) (Sigh)