Other Applications

~ Meditation. NO FEE AND FREE for the first 3 studio’s or groups because I have been wanting to try this for years. I would love the opportunity to participate in a group meditation. And after time to let people slip into their stillness, I want to walk about the room and send energy to their head, and see what the results are.

~ Chakras - I believe chances are highly likely that you will have an experience. (Sorry, no refund)

~ I believe this Divine energy can be utilized for creativity? (Sorry, no refund)

~Depression? (Sorry, no refund) (Change your thinking)

~Maybe enhance a readers abilities? (Sorry, no refund)

~Maybe make a healer a stronger healer? (Sorry, no refund)

~If you have a pesky ghost (Dead dumb people) that is bothersome, or just plain freaking you out, I will send them to the light. The fee is $100, plus travel. Generally $20 close.

100% money back guarantee. (Similar to no charge, if no success) except the travel.

~Remote Intervention $50

There have been four occasions where I was asked to help, and every time it was reported that all had a positive effect. Two were from hundreds of miles away. On these two occasions it was asked by another, for others and on both occasions it was reported the conditions were cleared upon awakening.